Kevin And Heather Raymo, Legal Representatives Of A Minor Child, HTR V. Secretary Of Health And Human Services

Tetanus Vaccine; Transverse Myelitis; TM; Autoimmune; Acute Transverse Myelitis; ATM; Disqualification of Experts; Factual Dispute Regarding Onset; Entitlement to Compensation

“Few cases could be more heart wrenching than this one. Prior to her receipt of her sixth tetanus-containing vaccination on October 13, 2010, HTR was a healthy eleven year old girl who liked art and played softball. Four days later, she was admitted to Arkansas Children’s Hospital with loss of function in her legs. Her condition quickly progressed to complete paralysis below the T10 vertebrae in her spine with a complete loss of bowel and bladder control. In spite of rapid administration of therapies focused on a presumptive diagnosis of transverse myelitis, HTR was one of approximately one-third of those with that diagnosis who show no improvement with therapy. She never regained any of her lost functions. Today, she is wheelchair-dependent, requiring frequent catheterization for urinary function and assistance from her parents for bowel function. Clearly, her life has been altered forever by what transpired after her October 2010 vaccinations.”

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