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What Is Toxic Tort Law?

A toxic tort is a particular type of personal injury law that has to do with an injury or disease caused by a chemical. It can happen in the workplace, at home, or somewhere else altogether. Toxic tort can be very dangerous. Because of its toxic nature, these cases are often of the mass tort type; that is, the same source causes many people the same problem, so everyone can join together to file a mass complaint against the negligent party.

What Are Common Causes Of Toxic Tort Cases?

Toxic tort can come in a variety of ways; however, some of the most common toxic tort cases are filed because of faulty pharmaceuticals; toxic byproducts of consumer products; or chemicals in the environment, home, or work.

Toxic Tort in the Home

Common exposures to harmful chemicals in the home include those from pharmaceuticals or other malfunctioning products. People commonly take recurring medications at home, or if they are ill, prescribed medications are often given. If manufactured poorly, there can be serious problems to the health and wellness of people who consume them. Have you ever seen a commercial for drug recalls? These are often advertisements for mass toxic tort cases.

Another common occurrence of toxic exposure in the home is caused by asbestos exposure, lead exposure, or mercury exposure. These are frequently found in old homes built with these materials that weren’t known to be dangerous at the time. It’s a good reason to get a home inspection prior to moving in!

Toxic Tort in the Workplace

Even more toxic tort cases arise in the workplace than in the home or other places because of the more dangerous types of industries. Like the home, though, asbestos exposure is a common source of toxic injury in the workplace. Unlike the home, workplace exposure to asbestos is typically in large amounts, compared to the smaller amounts found in the home. There are many other harmful chemicals people work with every day that can cause serious workplace injuries or personal injuries, which can lead to a toxic tort lawsuit.

Toxic Tort in the Environment

Sometimes, toxic tort cases arise because of contaminants in the air or in the drinking water. These are the most common forms of toxic tort in the environment because they immediately affect a lot of people in the community.

Toxic Tort Elsewhere

There are other places and reasons people may file a toxic tort claim, such as mold contamination, pesticide contamination, or poor material treatments using formaldehyde.

The Andry Law, LLC Is Experienced In Going To Trial For Toxic Tort Cases

The Andry Law, LLC, led by Jonathan Andry, an avid trial lawyer and tort, personal injury, and environmental law specialist, has specialized in taking mass toxic tort cases to trial on behalf of the victims who need the legal support.

It is important to pursue and report these types of problems because they can be extremely harmful. If you or anyone you know has experienced any personal injury because of toxic tort, then please connect with our trusted lawyer. He can help you address the situation and recover compensation. Fill out the form below to schedule a free initial consultation.