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Trade secrets can make or break an entrepreneur. Ideally, they make each business person into a huge success because your new idea changes the world! However, there are many steps between idea conception and said success where the trade secret can be stolen and abused. If you believe you are alone in a trade secret debacle, think again. Andry Law, LLC has a team of trusted trade secret lawyers in New Orleans who have recently seen some trade secret cases go to trial and receive verdict.

SPOILER ALERT: In these three trade secret infringement cases, Andry Law, LLC saw $1.8 billion awarded to the businesses.

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Recent Trade Secret Cases That Were To Verdict

Jury awards design company $14.5 mln in trade secrets row

Read the full article at Westlaw News – published Thursday, Dec. 1, 2016.

In an attempt to start a new building facade design firm, former President Michael Budd compiled lists of clients, design ideas, and other confidential information in a personal email account prior to leaving Tesla Wall Systems LLC in 2014. This violated Delaware law as well as an employment agreement, which is why Tesla Wall Systems LLC won the verdict. The federal jury in New York awarded $14.5 million to Tesla Wall Systems LLC.

Jury Awards Miller Over $74 Million For Caterpillar’s Misappropriation and Misuse of Confidential Information and Trade Secrets

Read the full article at National Law Review – published Monday, Jan. 11, 2016.

For years two earthmoving manufacturing giants Miller UK and Caterpillar Inc. battled through a trade secret infringement trial. What started as a strong partnership turned into stolen ideas, broken contracts, and commercial disparagement.

The gist of what happened begins with the collaboration of Miller and Caterpillar in 1999 where Miller supplied the design and manufacturing of quick couplers for Caterpillar. Along the way Caterpillar designed their own quick coupler and then terminated the contract with Miller, saying the services were no longer needed. However, Miller then filed a lawsuit because Caterpillar allegedly used the technical information to create their own product, thus breaking the agreement and trade secrecy of Miller. You can read the full article for more background information and takeaways to avoid this type of problem when trying to develop a product in-house that was previously contracted by a vendor.

According to the National Law Review, “a jury has awarded Miller $24.9 million in compensatory damages and $49.7 million in exemplary (i.e., punitive) damages for Caterpillar’s misappropriation and misuse of confidential information and trade secrets, in violation of the parties’ contract and the Illinois Trade Secrets Act. (Dkt. No. 10-cv-03770, N.D. Ill.)

“Miller’s total award, if the verdict is upheld, will be reduced by the $1 million awarded to Caterpillar in compensatory damages for Miller’s commercial disparagement of Caterpillar in violation of the Illinois Deceptive Trade Practices Act and common law defamation.”

Report: Jury Awards Epic Close to $1 Billion in Trade Secrets Infringement Case

Read the full article at Healthcare Informatics – published Monday, April 18, 2016.

A Portland, OR, based Kaiser Permanente office hired Tata Consultancy Services as consultants on an Epic Implementation, a software and database system. The problem arose when a Tata employee claimed to be a Kaiser employee and received access to the Epic software; he shared his login credentials with two other Tata employees in India, downloaded information, and stole documents.

“A federal jury has awarded Epic Systems nearly $1 billion in damages,” said David Raths, author of the article.

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