How To Mentally Prepare For Your First Day In Court

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Court is a place many people experience differently. Most of the experience is derived from the cause of going to court. Those who have committed a crime are most likely anxious or worried about the day’s results, and those who are the victim of a crime may feel afraid or sad to relive those experiences through the trial. Then again, there will be people in the court on civil matters, accident trials, and different types of hearings that evoke more of a typical-day-at-the-office type vibe. Suffice to say, going to court isn’t the same for one person as it is for the other. With that being said, take these tips with a grain of salt and apply them to your own story. However, when working with Andry Law, LLC, expectations for your court experience will be set clearly by Jonathan Andry, a seasoned trial lawyer in New Orleans.

General Tips To Help Prepare You For Court

While there is a lot that goes into a trial, you can count on the team at Andry Law, LLC to lead you onward. We’ll work together closely before going to trial to make sure we’re all on the same page, but here are some tips and reminders about mannerisms in the courtroom that can make a difference for your day.

A Positive Judgment May Not Mean A Huge Payout

If everything goes your way in the courtroom, you may feel elated and on top of the world. However, not all positive judgments come with extra large checks. It’s more common than not for payouts to be on a minimized scale, as opposed to millions of dollars. While this is something that is dependent upon each person’s case, it is best to prepare yourself for the worst payout to avoid getting up your hopes.

Be Polite

Not that everyone needs this common courtesy reminder, but it’s a good one to keep fresh in your mind. The judge and jury are servants to the public and should be treated with dignity and respect. Remember your “pleases” and “thank yous”, your “yes m’ams” and “yes sirs” and you’ll be on a good start to a pleasant day in court.

Lighten Up

It’s okay to laugh in the courtroom. It doesn’t have to be serious all the time. Remember, the judge and jury are people, too, who appreciate the funny moments. It may relax the situation and give life to the court.

Be Clear

The judge and jury may have heard many cases during the day before they get to yours, so it’s important to not unnecessarily waste time. Be clear and concise with your message. Speak loudly and precisely so the entire room can hear your story – don’t shout, though!

Use the Facts

It’s not an everyday occurrence that lies are told in the courtroom, but it is possible. During trial prep, our best lawyers in New Orleans work with you to check different angles of the story in case this happens. If you hear a big fat lie come out of the defendant’s mouth, do not react passionately. Instead, remain calm and alert the judge and jury of the lie and proceed to nullify it with facts you have prepared.

Altogether, going to court isn’t as scary as it may originally seem, especially with an experienced lawyer such as Jonathan Andry on your team.

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