Jonathan Andry Is A Passionate Lawyer In New Orleans

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Lawyer (n): a person who studies or practices law; a counselor, an attorney. The definition is simple and straightforward, yet in the large picture, there doesn’t seem to be anything simple or straightforward about many lawyers. Jonathan Andry is a different story. As a lawyer in New Orleans, not only does Jonathan Andry support victims, their families, and their legal rights, he transcends the baseline legal duties to make sure each and every client gets tip-top service from the initial consultation through a trial resolution.

Jonathan Andry makes it his personal mission to support the people in New Orleans who positively need his help. Do you want to make a difference in the world? Has a big corporation smashed that idea? Jonathan Andry can help you take on the big bad wolf before he can huff and puff and blow your house down.

Jonathan Andry Is A Passionate Lawyer

How does Jonathan Andry go above and beyond?

  • Dynamic team — From the very beginning of Andry Law, LLC when it was led by Gilbert Andry (Jonathan’s father), Andry Law, LLC has been a team of compassionate and hardworking lawyers in New Orleans. At a young age Jonathan was around the practice, learning as much as he could about what made his father so great at his job. Now that Jonathan leads the group himself, he has learned it’s always been the dynamic team who surrounds him. A client who comes to the Andry Law, LLC can depend on the same level of service no matter with whom they work.
  • Free initial consultation — Any person who needs legal help in personal injurytrade secretsmass tortenvironmentaloil and gas royalties, or class action litigation can turn to Jonathan Andry for a free initial consultation about their stories.
  • Good listening — Clients are more than a number at the Andry Law, LLC. Our successful legal practice begins with good listening. Clients are invited to tell us their stories, exactly how they happened, and we will do the heavy legal lifting. It is not about putting more work onto the clients to figure out their own cases; that’s wrong! Clients can trust Jonathan Andry to listen to their stories completely and without judgment and then move forward with the necessary legal steps to make things right.
  • Says no — This may seem a counter-intuitive answer to going above and beyond, but Jonathan Andry does what he can do at 110 percent for the clients who he knows off the bat to whom he can be of service. A lawyer and client relationship is not one that should be rushed. There are good matches and there can be bad matches, and Jonathan Andry will tell you upfront if he believes another lawyer could better serve you and your case. You won’t waste any time when working with Jonathan Andry.
  • Forward thinking — Since the Andry Law, LLC commonly takes complex and high-stakes cases to trial, it is essential that the team thinks outside the box. Finding these stories and solutions takes passion for the clients, the results, and the way it impacts the community.

Jonathan Andry and the entire team at Andry Law, LLC are here for you good people who have been dragged into a bad situation, or a challenge with a large corporation that you didn’t request.

The Andry Law, LLC offers you that free initial consultation to hear your stories. Give us a chance to make a difference in your life by completing the online form below or giving us a call.

You will receive professional representation with a personal commitment at Andry Law, LLC; this we promise you.