Jonathan Andry Offers Free Legal Advice In New Orleans

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Jonathan Andry Leads Andry Law, LLC In New Orleans

For many decades the Andry Law, LLC has served the residents of the New Orleans parish. From personal injury cases to class action lawsuits about product liability to the big environmental impacts in the area, Andry Law, LLC passionately pursues defending the people involved in these legal issues.

The legal world can be a confusing one to navigate for common citizens. That’s why the lawyer exists in the first place. It is the job of our trusted lawyers in New Orleans to defend the people’s rights and make sure their lives are not tarnished by illegalities.

The purpose of a free initial consultation with Jonathan Andry or another experienced lawyer at the Andry Law, LLC is to make sure we will make a great team throughout the case. Andry Law, LLC specializes in certain areas of legal service, so please tell us your story using the form below this post to share a bit of information with our team before the initial consultation. During the free consultation, our lawyers will listen fully to your experience and then honestly tell you whether or not we will make a good team moving forward. We don’t want to waste your time if we believe another firm can do a better job for you.

Legal Areas of Service

Table Saw Accidents

This is a common type of injury case we serve at Andry Law, LLC. There are many reasons to hold the table saw manufacturers accountable for unnecessary injuries.

Personal Injury

  • Amputations
  • Brain Injury
  • Car Accidents
  • Catastrophic Injury
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Product and Drug Liability
  • Truck Accidents
  • Wrongful Death

Trade Secrets

Keep your business secrets protected under the law. If a secret of yours has been stolen, we can help you recover the rights and prevent the thief from benefiting from your expertise.

Mass Tort Litigation

Product liability is one of the most common reasons people pursue mass tort litigation. However, environmental issues are another frequent occurrence. For example, the Andry Law, LLC helped defend the people and the environment during theĀ MRGO incident.

Environmental Law

From environmental auditing to lawsuits against land contaminants or hazardous waste contributors, Andry Law, LLC has a passion for defending Mother Earth and her supporters.

Oil & Gas Royalties Litigation

Make sure you’re getting rightfully paid for the royalties you own on oil and gas contracts. Whether it is below the home in which you live or the farm land you own, you deserve to be rightfully paid.

Class Action Litigation

Join together with many other people facing your same problem when you work with Andry Law, LLC on an open class action lawsuit. We can help support you in an ongoing case or bring a new one.