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Whether you find the need to file a class action lawsuit in New Orleans on your own or you would like to join and participate in a current class action lawsuit, Jonathan Andry is your trusted, local lawyer for the job. He can help you through the many steps of a class action lawsuit as you take on the bad guys and find justice along the way. This is not going to be easy, so we encourage you to reach out to the Andry Law, LLC as soon as possible. With a free case evaluation always available, there is no reason to keep to yourself. Jonathan Andry is a passionate lawyer in New Orleans who wants to see the truth prevail.

The Steps Of A Class Action Lawsuit


Initiate the class action case by working with a legal team to file a complaint on behalf of you, the plaintiff(s).


The defendant(s) has an opportunity to respond to the filing. Common responses are an answer to the complaint or a motion to dismiss the case.


The plaintiff and defendant teams reveal evidence to each other that supports each respective side of the case.

Request Certification

The plaintiff team requests the case be officially certified as a class action lawsuit.

Oppose Certification

The defendant team opposes the plaintiff’s motion.

Gain Certification

The plaintiff team wins or loses the motion and the case is officially certified as a class action lawsuit or dismissed. Should the case be dismissed, the plaintiff may still proceed in an individual lawsuit.


If the plaintiff motion passes and the case certifies as class action, the people are notified about whether they want to proceed in the class action lawsuit or pursue an individual one.


The case goes to trial, through trial, and is tried before a jury and judge.


The court judgment is appealed to a higher court in search of a different decision.


A time period is set for all class action claimants to file evident documentation.


Winning proceeds are paid to the class action claimants. This typically ends the process.


At any point during this process, the case may be dismissed for a variety of reasons. There is no official resolution or relief for the plaintiff, but it can be tried again in many cases. This is not a step in the process but rather a scenario that may occur.

There are many reasons to warrant filing a class action lawsuit in New Orleans, and Jonathan Andry can help you through this process in your own story. See the below form and complete it for a free case evaluation, or at least a conversation with Jonathan Andry, a very experienced class action lawyer in New Orleans.

Note: Jonathan Andry and the Andry Law, LLC are located in New Orleans but will serve and protect those in class action and mass tort situations throughout the Gulf region.

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