4 Reasons You May Want To Fire Your Lawyer

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Lawyers are supposed to be people full of integrity, drive, passion, focus, knowledge, trust, and experience, among many other qualities. Torts, personal injury, criminal, and many other types of law are an incredibly large collection of rules and regulations that govern our people, and lawyers are the experts who civilians can trust to guide them through the confusing and oftentimes stressful legal encounters. Unfortunately, not all lawyers live up to these expectations and fail to meet the needs of clients who are desperately counting on them. If you think your current lawyer is dropping the ball on your case, you have the right to fire them.

Do You Need To Fire Your Current Lawyer?

Consider these four characteristics in your situation to determine whether your lawyer should stay or if you should send them on their way and call Andry Law, LLC who you can count on as a trusted lawyer on your side.

Lack of Communication

Your lawyer doesn’t communicate with you. That’s a big problem. This is your future on the line! Lawyers who don’t communicate well often leave clients with multiple unreturned phone calls, unread emails, and plenty of conversations with the office secretary. Don’t get us wrong; we know how busy lawyers can be, but if a lawyer does not make time to update or communicate with a client, he or she doesn’t deserve business. Lawyers work for the clients because many clients do not have the expertise or knowledge to navigate the legal system. A good lawyer will help the client understand everything happening in their crazy life.

Improper Judgment Calls

Your lawyer makes important judgment calls on your case without your input. This coincides with failing at communication, but in this case, it has a more serious effect. Working on your behalf, your lawyer should consult with you on all decisions. This is your future on the line. It is also important, however, that you are open to the lawyer’s advice and judgment as you form your opinion because the lawyer is the expert who you, too, are counting on. Bad judgment calls can cost you your future. It is not worth risking a bad lawyer’s poor advice.

Lackadaisical Work Ethic

Does it seem like your lawyer has no sense of urgency and is dragging out the case? Creating unnecessary delays is not only frustrating; it can be detrimental to a successful outcome. Urgency is necessary in the legal field. Especially in tort and personal injury law, timeliness is essential. Whether it is meeting deadlines for mass tort cases or interviewing necessary people right away to receive proper medical treatments for an injury, you deserve a lawyer who prioritizes properly and works very hard to earn your business and bring you justice.

Ignores Client Interest

Your lawyer doesn’t act in your best interest. This is a key sign he or she has got to go! Give your lawyer the boot if a recent decision made does not have your case, justice, or future in mind. There are plenty of sleazy lawyers in the market who try and swindle each and every penny out of clients. With many trusted lawyers in New Orleans offering free initial evaluations, it doesn’t hurt to get a second opinion on decisions your lawyer made that seem to be fishy.