Jonathan Andry: A Trusted PI Lawyer In New Orleans

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It can be difficult to find a lawyer in New Orleans who can help you navigate the qualms of the legal world. I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of advertisements on TV for lawyers who want your case. You may have heard ads on the radio or seen photos on the local bus stop of lawyers who seem to be working in the industry in which you currently find yourself. But, how do you know which of these local lawyers is going to be the one for you? The truth is it depends on the case and the personalities of the people involved. One of the best ways to determine which lawyer is going to be your best partner through any legal case is to do your research and consult with as many as you see fit.

Benefits Of Working With Jonathan Andry Through Your Personal Injury Case

Skilled negotiator

Growing up watching his father practice law gave Jonathan Andry an edge in the courtroom. He has the skills, expertise, and knowledge clients crave in a legal partner. There are plenty of opportunities to bring justice to the negligent parties who have caused injuries, and Andry is prepared to pursue them all.


As a family man, Jonathan Andry knows that personal injury cases can be devastating for victims and their families. The injury itself can be heart wrenching, physically disabling, or life-ending. During these times, people don’t need a snooty lawyer who only cares about the fee at the end of the deal. Jonathan Andry will meet with clients wherever and whenever is best for their schedule and health. Victims are the focus in personal injury cases, not the lawyers.


The legal system is gigantic. Navigating it alone or with an inexperienced lawyer can be tense and frustrating. Instead, you can work with a personal injury lawyer who has experienced many different types of claims and has had success for clients. There are many different angles to navigate and leads to follow in order to create a fully comprehensive case to present to the judge in the best interest of the personal injury victim.


The goal of every personal injury case that comes across Jonathan Andry’s desk is to fight for the clients’ rights. Jonathan wants to know your story, and then he doesn’t stop working until your rights are explained, clear, and brought forth to the legal system. The severity of the case does not stop Andry Law, LLC. The team full of experienced and trustworthy lawyers are not afraid of complex cases.

About Andry Law, LLC

Andry Law, LLC is a local legal practice that specializes in local and class action litigation. Regarding personal injury practice, Andry Law, LLC has been helping New Orleans residents battle the insurance companies and legal monstrosities for hundreds of personal injury claims during the past 30 years.

Jonathan Andry worked closely with his father as Mr. Andry began Andry Law, LLC. Born and raised in Louisiana, Jonathan is a family man who knows how severely a personal injury cases can impact a person’s life. That’s why he makes it his mission to be a trusted lawyer for the local residents in New Orleans. Andry Law, LLC is serious about bringing justice to those who deserve it and wants to work with those who are suffering because of another person’s negligence.

To learn if you will be a great match working with Andry Law, LLC, fill out an online form to schedule a free case evaluation and a consultation with our lawyer. If you’d like to speak with us, please call (504) 384-8997.