Welcome To Andry Law, LLC’s New Blog

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Andry Law, LLC has recently launched a new website and is excited to welcome all new visitors to the site and our company. Led by trusted lawyer Jonathan Andry in the footsteps of his father, Andry Law, LLC has been practicing law for decades in the New Orleans region of Louisiana.

Our blog will serve as a resource for people who need legal services, a platform for us to share stories happening within the firm, and a place for us to engage with our community as we share our posts socially. Thank you for taking your precious time to read our blog and join our community.

About Andry Law, LLC

Andry Law, LLC was founded by Gilbert Andry, father to Jonathan. He led the firm for many years as he raised his family, meaning Jonathan has been actively involved from a young age. Jonathan graduated from law school in 1991 and has been an active lawyer ever since.

100 percent of the Andry Law, LLC practice is dedicated to litigation. That means this group of experienced lawyers knows the ins and outs of a courtroom, judicial proceedings, and case history to help local citizens defend themselves against the wrongdoers in hopes of finding justice.

Here’s the thing about Andry Law, LLC: we are helping the good guys. We protect the victims of personal injury accidents. We defend the environment from harmful trespassers. We keep big corporations in line to protect the consumers and people who are affected each and every day.

With free legal consultations as our initial encounter with many clients, we believe in fostering good and healthy legal relationships with the Louisiana community in order to defend justice for all who deserve it.

Primary Areas Of Legal Service

The Andry Law, LLC has seen and helped many individuals through rough trial cases, mass tort and class action lawsuits, environmental legal issues, and much more.

Personal Injury

An injury can be absolutely devastating to a person’s health, career, and finances. It is especially disturbing when the injury was caused by another person’s negligence. Andry Law, LLC proudly represents victims of personal injury cases, especially in these areas:

While these are not all instances of personal injury, they are the types of injuries we work with most.

Environmental Law

There is method to the madness that is the environment. In a day and age when the environment is constantly in the media and on the minds of earthly citizens, Andry Law, LLC believes in the importance of maintaining the sanctity of Mother Earth with passionate environmental litigation matters. We regularly fight Fortune 500 companies and corporations who are trying to skirt corners in order to save some money at the cost of good earthly stewardship.

Mass Tort/Class Action Litigation

The beauty of mass tort and class action lawsuits lies in the collaboration of many people who are feeling the pain of a single issue. These lawsuits give voice to many individuals against gigantic corporations and entities who would typically crush one plaintiff alone. Andry Law, LLC helps people compile resources, tell stories, and take down the corporations who are damaging lives. Our professional and trusted lawyers in New Orleans work with residents in the region to bring everyone together.

Stay tuned to our blog for more information from Andry Law, LLC.