I’ve Been Injured. Can I File A Lawsuit?

man injured on the ground at a construction site

There’s no cut-and-dry answer to that question. Give Jonathan Andry at Andry Law, LLC a call and we’ll figure it out together. With more than 30 years experience defending the rights of his clients, if you do decide to file a lawsuit, Jonathan is uniquely qualified to help.

Sometimes people just get injured and no one is at fault. Very often, however, when serious injury occurs there is a negligent act or a faulty product to blame. When evidence of fault exists, that’s when a lawsuit can and should be filed.

Here’s a short list of the types of personal injuries that you may want to consult a lawyer about.

  • Catastrophic injuries, including traumatic injury, amputation, disfigurement and serious burns and other life-altering injuries.
  • Wrongful death, defined as loss of life due to the neglect or action of an individual, company or other entity.
  • Motor vehicle accidents. If you’ve been injured in an accident with a commercial vehicle or while riding a motorcycle, those injuries can be especially devastating.
  • Product and drug liability. Liability occurs when an injury is caused because a large company distributes a product or drug that it knew, or given reasonable standards, should have known was defective. These types of personal  injury cases are particularly devastating because we want to believe that we can trust the pharmaceutical and manufacturing companies we depend on.

If you’ve suffered an injury like the ones listed above, give us a call. A consultation costs you nothing, and you’ll walk away knowing exactly where you stand in the eyes of the law.

Do I Need A Personal Injury Lawyer?

There are a lot of legal hoops to jump through in most personal injury cases, and trying to navigate the system on your own is usually not a good idea.

If you’ve been injured in a car accident or similar incident, you’ll most likely be dealing with an insurance company, not the person at fault for your injury.

Insurance companies have huge legal teams at their disposal. They may do everything they can to make sure you don’t even get your day in court. They can file multiple motions, cause months of delays, bury you with unnecessary paperwork, and just wait for you to give up and accept a settlement.

A settlement offer from an insurance company may seem like a good resolution. In reality, once you’ve accepted a settlement, you’ve given away all of your rights to any future claim. So, for instance, if your injury requires surgery or new symptoms arise after you’ve accepted a settlement, the insurance company has already fulfilled its legal obligation to you and there is nothing a lawyer can do for you.

If you’re dealing with an insurance company, you’ll want a lawyer that has a lot of experience, who will look out for your best interest, and who can make sure you don’t suffer any further.

When dealing with an employer, corporation or other large entity, it is even more important to consult with an attorney. Proving negligence can be very difficult. Big companies know this. And if you don’t have skilled legal representation, they’ll likely achieve a judgement in their favor pretty darn quickly.

How Do I Find A Good Lawyer?

Finding a good lawyer is the key to making sure you are properly compensated for your injury, and there are some pretty simple steps you can take to make sure your personal injury lawyer is up to the task.

Spend some time with them.

  • Do you like them?
  • Do you feel comfortable?
  • Are they really listening to you or just trying to rush you out of the office?

These are important considerations. You may be working a lot with this person. If you can’t establish some rapport, you are less likely to have a successful outcome.

Ask around about your prospective lawyer. What do other people in the legal field, in the business community know about them? Find out what their reputation is like within your community.

Ask a lot of questions, including:

  • How long have they been practicing?
  • How many personal injury cases have they handled?
  • How many settled?
  • How many went to trial?
  • How many of each did they win?
  • What was a case similar to yours that the won?
  • What was a case similar to yours that they lost?

Being injured is frightening. Facing mounting medical bills or debt due to lost work is daunting. Andry Law, LLC is here to help you through the process, and to give you the very best chances of being compensated for your injury. Give us a call. Consultations are free.

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