Advice For Actions Following A Car Accident

car accident

A car accident can be life changing, especially if the damages are those comparable to nightmares. First and foremost, our law firm wants to make sure you or your loved one is on a healing path. If it was a worst case scenario and the accident resulted in death, we are very sorry for your loss and pass along our condolences. Despite your connection to a recent car accident, we want you to know you can connect with Andry Law, LLC for a free initial consultation to discuss how our personal injury legal team can legally help you. Moreover, share this information with your loved ones so if they are ever in a car accident, they will know what steps to take to make sure they are protected in any legal proceedings.

4 Tips To Follow After An Accident

To avoid jumping through hurdles or spending way too much time trying to settle a car accident claim, follow these five tips to make sure you are covered and prepared to file a lawsuit if necessary.

Check for Injuries

Immediately following an accident, the health of all parties involved should be the number one priority. Check that you are well and that the other people in the accident are not in need of emergency services. If it is apparent that someone is hurt badly, call 911 immediately. If you are in doubt, it is best to call an ambulance anyway. You may not feel injured at the time because your adrenaline is pumping; however, a professional can give an expert opinion and put any injuries on the record.

Exchange Information

Share your name, phone number, and insurance carrier with the other person/people involved in the accident and request the same information from them. Doing this early in the information-gathering process will set you up for success later down the road if any problems arise. You may also consider collecting contact information from witnesses.

Make the Scene Safe, If Possible

If the accident allows the vehicles to move, it is best to move to the side of the road or to a parking lot if safe and possible. Getting out of moving traffic helps prevent additional accidents. If the vehicles cannot be moved, set out any cones or warning triangles you may have with you to make sure you are visible to moving traffic.

Collect Evidence

If you have a smartphone, use the camera to take pictures of the scene of the accident. More pictures are better because they can always present the truth, while stories and memories can be accidentally persuaded or changed. Take close-up pictures of the damage from many angles as well as photos of the whole scene. Feel free to share them with the other people involved in the accident.

Ask people around you for a witness statement. If they let you record it on video, that is best. Otherwise, try to take very detailed notes about what they said. These accounts can greatly help down the road if litigation is pursued.

When it comes to collecting compensation for damages in a car accident, the better you or a loved one can collect information at the scene of the accident, the easier the case will be to pursue.

You can take an extra proactive step today by making sure you have some essentials in your vehicle (and your childrens’ vehicles if they are of driving age).

  • A notepad and pencil
  • Copy of insurance
  • Emergency phone numbers
  • Important medical information
  • First aid kit (bandages, first aid cream, etc)
  • Safety kit (cones, emergency flares, warning triangles, etc)

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