Jonathan Andry & Father Work On MRGO Case

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If you have lived in New Orleans for some time, you may remember MRGO, the Mississippi River Gulf Outlet. “Mr. Go” also became unaffectionately known as Hurricane Highway because this man-made creation was essentially a pathway for weather-caused destruction.

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The Mississippi River Gulf Outlet was originally created to make trade easier between the Gulf of Mexico and the inner towns in Louisiana. Little did the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers know that the construction of MRGO would cause extraordinary devastation decades later. It wasn’t until Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf in 2005 that Louisiana residents decided they’d had enough! MRGO had to go.

One can hope that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers did not anticipate the damage that would be caused to the surrounding towns during bad weather. However, it had this lasting impact on the environment and the people in the areas.

Check out an in-depth look at the problems with the Mississippi River Gulf Outlet and how the Andry Law, LLC successfully rectified the problem, helping to close the outlet in 2009.

Mass Tort Law Helped Close MRGO

In 2005, Andry Law, LLC filed a notice on behalf of Norman Robinson and six others who wanted to press legal charges against the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. When the notice did not garner response from the Corps in the required six months, Andry Law, LLC filed the actual lawsuit Norman Robinson v. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, which was settled outside of the courtroom. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers would close the Mississippi River Gulf Outlet in hopes of avoiding further destruction to New Orleans in the future.

This is a mass tort case because the destruction impacted more than one person’s life. A mass tort case is one that supports the same goal for more than one plaintiff against only one defendant.

Andry Law, LLC Specializes In Mass Tort Law

As briefly mentioned, mass tort law is an expertise area for Andry Law, LLC because we are passionate about helping the majority of people who suffer destruction or injury by one cause. There are great injustices in the world, and Andry Law, LLC is one of those law firms that stands to make it right, especially when those injustices impact many people in our local community.

Mass tort litigation is a specialty of Andry Law, LLC because our team thrives with the in-depth and factual analysis required of mass tort cases. Moreover, our team isn’t afraid to stand up to the “big guys” who think they can boss their way around everyday citizens. Be it the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers or large corporations, Andry Law, LLC will support the public in mass tort litigation.

Andry Law, LLC Specializes In Environmental Law

Another unique aspect of the MRGO case that fit perfectly with Andry Law, LLC is its impact on the environment. Andry Law, LLC fully supports efforts for environmental law. Jonathan Andry graduated from Tulane Law School with an L.L.M. in Energy and Environmental Law, going above and beyond the standard requirements of law school to learn what he needed to learn to be an expert litigator on behalf of the environment.

MRGO was definitely a case that involved the environment and many people, which is why Andry Law, LLC successfully won the Norman Robinson vs. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers case that closed the Mississippi River Gulf Outlet.

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