What Does A Lawyer Do?

a gavel on a table

A lawyer. Well, there’s law in the name, so it’s safe to assume that a lawyer has something to do with the law. In fact, a lawyer is defined by Merriam-Webster as “one whose profession is to conduct lawsuits for clients or to advise as to legal rights and obligations in other matters.” So, yes, a lawyer does have something to do with the law!

When it comes to finding a lawyer in New Orleans, you may be surprised to learn that not all lawyers are the same. The legal world is vast. There are many different laws that need to be defended by lawyers, and it’s nearly impossible to expect one lawyer to be an expert in all areas. For this reason, you may find lawyers who specialize in a few different types of law and help people within those smaller niches.

A lawyer’s journey begins in school. There are a myriad of undergraduate programs a person can complete on their journey to becoming a lawyer. This degree is typically similar to a concentration he or she may choose to pursue in law school. Following undergraduate school, a person begins law school to learn the ins and outs of defending clients in need. A lawyer graduates and passes many certifications to be qualified to practice law in their area. Some common areas of law practice include personal injury, criminal, environmental, business, bankruptcy, and more.

Depending on the type of law on which a person wants to focus, a lawyer may find themselves doing a variety of different tasks. For example, there are lawyers who specialize in settlement law, mediation, or litigation. Settlements are legal agreements reached between two parties without going to a courtroom, while litigation includes building cases and presenting them to a court. The lawyers with whom we are most familiar are litigation lawyers because they are the type of lawyer most often depicted in pop culture.

At Andry Law, LLC, you’ll find a group of specialized litigation lawyers. We thrive in the courtroom. Not only are we litigation lawyers, but we focus our litigation to help clients in need of filing the following types of lawsuits: personal injury, trade secret, mass tort, environmental, oil and gas royalties, and class action.

There’s a general overview of how a lawyer gets to be where you find him or her. What you most likely want to know is what does a lawyer do for you? Upon first contact, we ask you to share your full story, free of charge. Then, we’ll get to work investigating all leads, collecting evidence, and filing the paperwork necessary to move forward with a lawsuit. Sometimes, we are able to settle a case without having to go to court; otherwise, our lawyers will be right by your side as you go through every step of the court process. Essentially, a lawyer does any legal process to help your case. With an inside expertise of the court workings and proceedings, and a thorough knowledge of the current laws that govern, it is the duty of the lawyer to guide clients through the legal system.