Are You And Other Employees Facing Discrimination?

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Do you think you may be facing employee discrimination in your workplace? We may be able to help you find out.

What Is Employment Discrimination?

Employment discrimination is when an employee or group of employees are treated unequally because of a “protected characteristic”. Protected characteristics, such as race, gender, gender identity, religion, age, sexual orientation, national origin, or mental or physical disability, are qualities by which the employer cannot make decisions about employment status or other job related terms.

Therefore, employment discrimination is when the employer does use one of these protected characteristics against the employee. While difference in pay and occupational promotion are often two things about which many employees feel discriminated, it may not be easy to prove the discrimination is illegal. However, there are many cases in which this is proven to be true. Employers who do not give equal opportunity to all employees based on the foundation of their protected characteristics can be sued for discrimination. All differences in pay and job promotion, among other duties around the workplace, should be differentiated by skill and readiness for the job rather than the protected characteristics.

How To Report Discrimination

If you suspect you are being unfairly judged and discriminated based on one of your protected characteristics, you have a right to report that discrimination. The proper steps for you to follow to report discrimination should be outlined in your company handbook; however there are some general steps you can typically follow that help protect your rights as the employee.

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is a federal organization that regulates the fair treatment of all employees in the United States. Even employees who work overseas for an American company can utilize the resources provided by the U.S. EEOC to file a charge.

Generally, you have 180 days to report discrimination to the proper authorities. The EEOC has 53 offices around the Nation, one of which is in New Orleans. You may file a charge in person at this office. However, we advise you first speak with a lawyer to make sure your case is valid before you have to go through the hassle of making an official claim.

Understanding A Class Action Lawsuit For Discrimination

A class action lawsuit is when many people who are facing the same problem come together in one large lawsuit against the defendant. In this case, a class action could be the group of employees who faced discrimination as the plaintiffs and the employer as the defendant. One special thing about a class action lawsuit is that it does not present each person’s case individually. Instead, the organizing law firm helps sift through the many different cases to find the one or two strongest that encompass the entire group; the law firm then brings a class action lawsuit using those few cases against the defendant. Then, everyone who has filed within the class action is allowed to reap the benefits or pay the damages based on the outcome of the case. This allows many employees to take legal action without each person having to present his or her own case against the employer.

Andry Law, LLC is fully experienced in presenting class action lawsuits for employment discrimination. Our team is capable of organizing the entire class action lawsuit or helping individual employees prepare their specific cases and join the class action that is being organized by a different law firm.

We offer free case reviews in order to help you determine if your suspected employee discrimination can hold up in court. We strive to protect the rights of employees all across the Gulf South region.

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