What To Do If You’ve Witnessed A Wreck

two people looking at a car accident

Car, truck, and motorcycle accidents are not ones anyone particularly likes to witness. However, a witness can be one of the most helpful persons on the scene. Not only can a witness make sure everyone involved in the accident is okay or can call for emergency services if needed, but a witness can provide a full account of what happened without any personal bias connected to the accident itself. When the two (or more) people involved in the accident may mistakenly alter their stories to fit their own interests, a witness provides a third-party account, which can be of great value to any investigation.

There are certain things you can do after witnessing the accident that can help make you a reliable witness. Of course, please only do these things after you are sure everyone is safe or in proper care.

Take Photos

Photos are worth 1,000 words. If the accident was not a terrible one and can be moved out of traffic to the side of the road, try to snap some pictures before the cars move. The placement of the cars can tell a lot about how the accident happened, and this can be quickly forgotten or misconstrued when the cars have been relocated.

Moreover, photographs in great detail can be useful too. Detailed photos of the vehicle damage as well as any injuries may help support the case in the future.

Write What Happened

A written statement is quite valuable to the officials. Not only does it save you the trouble from having to repeat your account over and over, it gives the officials a tangible piece to take and reference further into their investigation. There is a good chance that both the police and lawyers will want to hear your version verbally as they ask you questions that may not be addressed in the written statement, but a written statement is helpful nonetheless.

Furthermore, when a witness takes the time to write an account of what happened immediately after it occurred, it is likely to be more factual since the memory is quite fresh on the mind.

Collect Contact Information

Contact information may not be useful for you in the future, but it can help any officials who pursue the case. If possible, collect the names and phone numbers of the people in the accidents, any passengers in the vehicles, and any other witnesses who may not want to stick around to make their own report. If a personal injury lawsuit is filed, it may be necessary to hear the story from as many different points of view as possible.

Share This Information

As a witness, you cannot really do much as far as legal investigation or lawsuits go; however, you can share the photos, story, and contact information with the proper officials who can use them in the case that follows.

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