Consider Legal Action For Table Saw Accidents

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Summer is just about a month away, which means homeowners around the country are gearing up for a season full of remodeling projects. Sure, you can remodel any time of the year, but many people choose to do it during the summer because exterior projects are easier to complete with great weather and many hours of daylight. Interior projects are fun to complete during the summer, too, because with more hours of sunlight during the day, the craftsman has an opportunity to play outside for a while and then come inside to work, or vice versa. No matter what inspires you to get to work this summer, we hope you are safe as you dive into your next project.

If you’re working with wood, chances are you are using a table saw. This handy tool is both good and bad. It can be very effective if used properly, and it can also cause severe damages. Even if the user is operating the table saw according to instructions, there can still be room for injury.

Table saw injuries are often minor. Victims often report full amputations, bone fracture, or skin lacerations all the way to the bone. These are less than ideal.

Andry Law, LLC is passionate about product liability, especially regarding dangerous table saws. This is one product that continuously causes injury to the people who use it. What’s even more interesting is there are plenty of safety devices that have been invented to prevent these injuries that manufacturers refuse to install on every product.

Manufacturers don’t like to install these safety features because they are not legally mandated to and it is an added expense on their bottom line. For the most part, people injured by a table saw assume it is operator error and leave it to themselves to seek treatment, often eating these costs alone.

This doesn’t have to be the case.

If a table saw manufacturer had the opportunity to make their product safer for the user and deliberately chose not not, they can be held liable for product malfunction and be forced to pay for the damages caused to the user.

Holding table saw manufacturers responsible for all preventable injuries is one way we may see industry reform in the future. It would be great if all table saw manufacturers were required to include the safety features available on the market. We hate to see so many people continue to get hurt because they trust the product to work safely and effectively. Many people don’t even know about the additional materials that can be sold as additional safety features for table saws, which makes it even tougher to bear.

If you or someone you know has been injured using a table saw, whether it was during your latest home remodel project or not, our lawyers at Andry Law, LLC in New Orleans would like to hear from you. We specialize in tort and personal injury law, which includes class action lawsuits against table saw companies. We can also help you file an individual lawsuit in pursuit of damage compensation.

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