What Does Mass Tort Law Mean?

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Mass tort law is a collection of civil lawsuits together fighting a bigger cause. Instead of each individual bringing a personal case to the court about the same issue as a large group of people are facing, the individuals can come together to form a class action and pursue through mass tort litigation. Mass torts can be presented on a local, regional, or national level.

These cases can range in size but are always of a large group of people. Not only does this help streamline the judicial process, freeing up time for the judges and jury to hear only one powerful case instead of hundreds of the same case over and over again, a class action lawsuit can expedite the time it takes for you to press the charges and get results.

Types Of Mass Tort Law

All mass tort litigation revolves around civil law and not criminal. This typically includes personal injury, antitrust, product liability, employment discrimination, insurance claims, and other issues between at least two people.

Forming A Class Action

A class is the group of people who decide to take legal action against the one defendant. Through lawyers, the different individual’s cases are evaluated and presented to a coordinating lawyer. This lawyer then chooses one or two specific cases that broadly encompass the rest of the cases and proceeds through the courts with just those two cases. While there are only one or two cases being presented in court, the result of the case applies to everyone who has registered within the class action. Therefore, it can be in your best interest to file with a class action lawsuit, even if your case is not the one chosen to be specifically used in court because you can still benefit from the results.

Finding The Right Legal Team

Andry Law, LLC pursues mass tort and personal injury law because we believe in helping the greater good of civilians. While we are based in New Orleans, we welcome you from all over the country to bring us your case. We offer free case reviews to help alleviate any stress on your part as well as help grow our collection of people who may be able to benefit from a mass tort litigation.

We can serve as an individual lawyer who reviews your case and then submits it to an existing class action that is open for case collection, and we can also serve as the coordinating law firm to present the entire case to the courts and address the big problem at hand. Our team is fully qualified and has positive results for our clients in both regards.

If you or someone you know has experienced a legal injustice that is believed to have impacted a large group of people, we invite you to bring forth your story and share it with our legal team at Andry Law, LLC.

We offer free case evaluations. This can help you determine if an individual lawsuit or a class action lawsuit is best for you.

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