Why Are Drugs Recalled?

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Drugs can be recalled for a variety of reasons. Drug companies can voluntarily recall a prescription or over-the-counter drug if they find a problem with it. Other recalls happen because they are proven to be defective or possibly harmful. No matter the cause of the recall, you should immediately stop taking the drug if it has been recalled and connect with your physician to learn more about the recall.

When you hear of a drug recall, call your physician and request a new prescription to take over the same function as the drug that was just recalled. If you’ve been taking a drug that is causing troubling side effects, but that drug has not yet been recalled, you should consider visiting with your doctor about the medication, even if it is over-the-counter.

The unfortunate truth is it takes a large collection of people to feel adverse side effects before the Federal Drug Administration will officially recall the drug from the shelves. This is to verify it is not just a handful of individuals who are experiencing the problems personally but, rather, that it is the drug itself.

Today, pharmaceutical companies are considered big business in the marketplace. The industry rakes in hundreds of billions of dollars every year, and one way they contribute to that success is through releasing new products to the consumers. In a day and age where regulation is in place, it is sadly not as effective as consumers may ideally wish. The FDA approves every drug before it can be sold; however, it is not an extensive process and doesn’t account for side effects that may make themselves apparent after many years of use.

Drug recalls can be a clear indicator that the medication is defective or harmful; however, you don’t have to wait for that notice of official recall to begin taking care of yourself, both legally and financially. While we rely on your medical professional to ensure you are put on a new medication that won’t cause the same effects, our lawyers at Andry Law, LLC can help you fight the Big Pharma companies that release the drugs.

When the drugs cause problems in your life, you likely had to spend money to fix them. Not only should the Big Pharma companies be held accountable for the damages their drugs cause, but they should be financially responsible for compensating anyone who has suffered physically, emotionally, and financially because of their mistake. Don’t take on the burden yourself. Place the responsibility where it belongs; place it with the manufacturer and hold the companies liable for their mistakes.

If you or a loved one has experienced adverse side effects to either prescription or over-the-counter medications, please connect with our legal team to learn if there is a large case building about the drug in question. Andry Law specializes in tort and personal injury law, which encompasses the large collection of people who may be the group to make the FDA release a recall for a product.

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