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Complex Litigation

Complex Litigation Attorney in New Orleans

Jonathan Andry is no stranger to complex litigation. When faced with a complex legal issue, you want legal representation from someone who is experienced and takes pride in paying close attention to every detail of your case.

Mass Tort Litigation Guidance in New Orleans

What Is a Mass Tort?

A “mass tort” is a single, civil act of misconduct that harms a great many victims. The term “mass tort” is derived from the number of claimants involved as opposed to the subject matter. A “mass tort” is when hundreds, if not thousands, of people are injured by a single act single set of acts of wrongdoing.  A great example of a mass tort is an oil spill which results in a substantial number of people experiencing harm from a single act of negligence or wrongdoing, or a single product like RoundUP, or a single drug like Vioxx. In these situations, it would be difficult, if not impossible, for every individual to prosecute their respective case, because of the logistical nightmare associated with the fact that the defendants could not possibly produce the relevant witnesses in hundreds, if not thousands of cases.

When lawsuits involve dangerous drugs, defective products, and other complex issues affecting large numbers of people, sometimes the federal court system uses a procedural process called multidistrict litigation (MDL) to better manage the cases.  An MDL is initiated when a litigant files a request for an MDL with the Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation, which then decides if it would be beneficial for the parties to consolidate the litigation in one court. If JPMDL determines that consolidation is appropriate it creates an MDL before one Judge in one federal district court and orders all of the cases dealing with the same product or action be transferred to the MDL Judge. 

In multidistrict litigation, multiple civil cases that share a common issue are transferred to a single district court, which handles all discovery and pretrial proceedings for the lawsuits. Unlike class actions, each claim is processed individually, even though the complaints are fundamentally similar.

Andry Law, LLC has a history of handling complex substantive and procedural mass tort mattersOur New Orleans mass tort litigation lawyer has been practicing in this area of the law for 30 years and has participated in many cases over several decades. We have represented hundreds, if not thousands, of individuals in “mass torts” from the Dalkon Shield to Breast Implants, to Phen-Fen, to Tobacco, to “RoundUp” to the Hurricane Katrina litigation against the Corps of Engineers. We manage mass torts involving a wide range of products and industries, including agricultural products, building materials, chemicals and pesticides, consumer goods, food products, industrial equipment, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and tobacco, among others.

Despite the sophisticated and sometimes-overwhelming nature of these cases, we give each of our clients individualized attention, taking the time to understand their unique needs and goals. As a client, you will have direct access to our attorney throughout our handling of your case, and we will leverage the full extent of our resources when fighting for you.

If you have become involved in mass tort litigation, call (504) 384-8997 or contact us online to discuss your case and start exploring your legal options.

  • “I will never forget what attorney John Andry did for me. When he makes a promise, he keeps it. He wouldn’t give up on me and most importantly he wouldn’t allow me to give up on myself.” - KB



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