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Truck Accidents

Truck Accident Attorney

Truck accident claims are among the most complex kinds of motor vehicle personal injury cases. The trucking industry and its insurance companies fight hard to protect their own interests after a tractor-trailer accident. The injuries are frequently catastrophic or fatal and big business often launches its own investigation to find ways to eliminate or reduce liability for the accident.

The truck accident attorney team at Andry Law, LLC, in New Orleans draws on 30 years of experience fighting big business to give victims and their families a solid legal resource to take on the trucking companies and their insurance providers. Evaluating an 18-wheeler accident requires detailed analysis of many potential sources of negligence. The trucking industry is highly regulated and your lawyer needs to be well-versed in those regulations to provide comprehensive representation to obtain the maximum compensation possible.

A First-Rate Legal Team When The Stakes Are High

We fully evaluate the details to ensure that all negligent parties are held responsible for the devastation that a semi truck accident causes victims and their families. The demands of hauling goods throughout Louisiana can drive trucking companies to overlook safety regulations to serve their business purposes. The driver is not always the only negligent party. We have the resources and experience to investigate and analyze the overall circumstances surrounding the truck wreck, including:

  • Truck driver negligence, including distracted driving
  • Truck driver fatigue due to long hours behind the wheel
  • Improper truck maintenance creating unsafe conditions such as faulty brakes
  • Improper loading causing instability impacting safe navigation in traffic
  • Violations of truck industry safety standards
  • Truck company negligence in the supervision or training of workers

Survivors of truck accidents frequently suffer life-altering injuries that require significant medical care, rehabilitative needs, modifications to housing, and potentially life-time care. A truck accident claim may require expert testimony for accident reconstructionists, medical professionals, and life-care planners to ensure financial stability for families. Our accident attorneys have the legal skills and resources to present evidence to prove all aspects of liability and maximize compensation for our clients.

Get Skilled Help And Free Legal Advice From A Trial Lawyer

If you or a loved one has suffered devastating injuries in a crash with a big-rig, we urge you to call Andry Law, LLC, in New Orleans as soon as possible. Evidence can be lost without fast-action. To request a free consultation with a skilled personal injury attorney, call (504) 384-8997 or reach out to us online.

  • “I will never forget what attorney John Andry did for me. When he makes a promise, he keeps it. He wouldn’t give up on me and most importantly he wouldn’t allow me to give up on myself.” - KB



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